How Can You Identify High-quality Motorcycle Jackets?

Demetrius Pietsch/ December 22, 2016/ Jackets

It is very easy to find and purchase motorcycle jackets online and other stores. But if you aren’t careful when choosing this important item of protective gear, you might end up regretting your purchase later. The following points are intended to help you identify high-quality motorcycle jackets, so you can be assured of carefree riding fun and comfort.

1. Get well-constructed jackets

Motorcycle jackets need to be well-made to guarantee the best possible comfort and safety. That is why you need to pay closer attention to the following things when making your buy:


Zippers are usually made of metal or plastic. They should be quick to close and easy to open. Additionally, they should be wrapped with a flap of materials, so they don’t present additional risk of injury in case of an accident.



Seams should be inside the jackets, so they don’t result in abrasion in a crash. They should also be few because more seams affect the stability of your jacket.

2. Protectors

All motorcycle jackets should include incorporated protectors. These are items of protective padding often on the chest, back, and arms of your jacket. Here are the criteria for selecting protectors:

  • They should be elastic as well as large enough to effectively distribute the energy in case of an accident.
  • They should not restrict your comfort.
  • They should be attached to the outer part of your jacket.

3. High-quality material

Riders don’t agree on whether motorcycle jackets should be made of leather or textile material. These materials are quite different, but they have a similar thing: their performance depend on how they are manufactured and the quality of the material used.

  • Leather jackets

They are made of high-quality leather, offer great protection from injuries, and have good abrasion resistance in case of an accident.

  • Textile jackets

These are made of materials such as nylon and offer great protection from the cold, water, and are easy to breathe in.


  • Textile and leather jackets

Leather is used to cover the most exposed areas of your body, such as shoulders, back, top and bottom of the arm, while textile is used to provide addition ventilation.

Weekend riders, touring riders, and cruisers often choose textile jackets because they provide the best comfort. Sportier often choose leather jackets because they are at greater risk of accidents.

When buying motorcycle jackets, you should always look at the model’s age. Older models often don’t provide the same comfort or safety common in today’s model. This means that the protective padding and the outer material might not offer you enough protection in a crash.…