Important Things Every RV Owner Must Have

Demetrius Pietsch/ April 5, 2021/ General/ 0 comments

There is no such thing as, you know, a list of these things that are necessary for a well-functioning RV when traveling. I’ve been looking for a list for several years and no one has put this essential accurate information for new RV owners into a usable record. If you want to have a smooth ride with closed drawers in your RV, you should start securing RV drawers. Below are things that every owner needs must have.

RV Sewage Hose

Having a sewage hose in your RV is very important. Any experienced RV operator will let you know that after experiencing any kind of difficulty with your RV that forces you to deal with raw sewage, you will forever have only the best sewage kicking equipment you can buy.

Fresh Water Hoses

Campgrounds often have full hookups, so all RVers can have a freshwater connection. This distance can be as short as 15 feet, or it could be given that 25-35 feet. This is one thing that many RV owners often forget to bring when traveling. It is very important to have this especially if you are going away for a long time.

Step Ladder

Step Ladder Some owners want to go up the roof for different reasons. Many RV owners use a pair of bungee straps and maintain their ladder by simply attaching it to the RV’s exterior ladder. It is located above the trunk on almost all hard-sided RVs.

Many RV owners find having a ladder very important to get access to the roof. This can help them clean their RV roof or watch something from afar. Many owners find it very helpful especially when traveling. You can find many ladders of different sizes and shapes in the store. Depending how big your RV is, you should choose the right size for you.


The good thing about owning a multimeter is that with these devices. You can safely research the source of a fantastic amount of common electrical problems, and they’re fairly inexpensive. This is one of the most important things that an RV needs.…